French Toast Recipe | How to Make French Toast!

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Hey guys, and welcome back to today. I’m going to show you how to make easy and delicious french toast.

You know french toast is one of those things that don’t need to be complicated. It doesn’t need any fancy ingredients. You know, sometimes it’s better to keep things as simple and french toast is one of those things and so without further ado, let’s get this recipe started.

French Toast Recipe | How to Make French Toast!


I’m going to need a batter for my bread, so what a pie plate here. I’m just going to crack in two large eggs and do better than I did and try not to get shells in your eggs.

No one likes crunchy bits in our french toast. I’m just going to crack those two eggs into a pie plate and using a fork. I’m just going to break these up a little bit before adding the rest of the ingredients to the reason.

I’m using a pie plate here is for when I go to coat my bread. It’s just easier to do it in a wide shallow bowl to my eggs. I’m going to add a quarter of a cup of milk. You could also use cream or half-and-half.

If you’re feeling it decadent, I’m going to add in one teaspoon of granulated sugar as well as 1/8 of a teaspoon or 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, just a pinch of salt, maybe an eighth of a teaspoon or so and just a quick splash of vanilla trying to use real vanilla extract Oh and using a fork.

I’m going to whisk these ingredients together to make sure that all the eggs are completely smooth. The milk kind of bits of help breaks up those eggs. You don’t want to need globules of egg on your french toast. You want to smooth batter.

So I whisk that well and let me talk about bread for a minute here. I am using Texas toast is just regular sandwich bread. Still, it is kit cut thicker than a regular sandwich of bread.

It’s a dry bread crummy bread, and these particular slices are about three-quarters of an inch thick, and that’s exactly what you want. You want thick bread for this. I’m just using this regular sandwich bread to use brioche if you wanted to or French bread.

You know, whatever kind of bread that you like, I happen to like just plain old sandwich bread it just it makes the best french toast to me now I’ve got a frying pan over medium-high heat here it’s actually between median and medium-high.

I’m going to add in about a teaspoon of vegetable oil, and well as just a little pat of butter now. I add both vegetable oil and butter because I like the flavour of frying and butter as well.

Butter has a natural nonstick property to it. Still, the vegetable oil raises the burning point of the butter doesn’t burn because you don’t want to burn butter on your french toast well.

Maybe you do, but I don’t, so that’s why I do both, and you want to make sure that your butter and oil are hot before you add in your first piece of french toast; otherwise, your french toast is going to stick, and you don’t want it to stick.

You know when it’s ready when the solids, the milk solids in the butter start to brown. I don’t know how well you can see this in the article, but they’re just starting to turn golden. That is the exact time that your pan is ready for your french toast, so what I’m going to do is just kind of mix up my French toast my batter mixture a little bit here.

Ensure that the cinnamon isn’t, you know, sticking to the bottom and duck your bread just really quickly on one side, flip it over, get it coated on the other side, let it drip a little bit and then add that to your pan now a lot of recipes for French toast.

Call for you to soak the bread. I do not like soaked bread for french toast maybe you do I don’t I like my french toast not to be custardy I like it to be bread in the centre still so I do a light coat on both sides, and I’m just going to let this go for a couple of minutes until it.

Gets nice and golden brown on the bottom. Don’t be tempted to move your bread around, you know, just let the pan do its work, but the heat does its work.

You know when you’re getting ready to flip when the bubbles around the outside get a little smaller, and they don’t pop so aggressively, so go ahead and take a peek to make sure that it is nice and golden brown, and then you can go ahead and flip it over.

Cook it on the other side again. Just cook it for a minute or two just until those bubbles around the outside kind of simmer down, and then you can go ahead and remove that off to the plate add just a little bit more butter and vegetable oil to your pan between each.

Slice and continue frying up the rest of your french toast, and this mixture using two eggs will do for me six pieces of Texas toast which is just perfect for my roommate and me, so yeah, go ahead.

Keep french toasting all of your bread pieces, and then you can go ahead and or some delicious maple syrup right over the top. If you’re feeling extra decadent, that’s the top with a little bit of powdered.

Sugar, if you’d like, you can serve these with fried eggs and bacon on the side or if you want, just like a little bowl of fresh fruit would be delicious, but yeah, as I said, sometimes it’s better to keep things.

simple and french toast is one of those things, so go ahead and give this recipe a try.

If you do and you like it go ahead and let me know. Down below in the comments, if you like this article, be sure to give a thumbs up, subscribe for more deliciousness and keep up to date on all my latest articles.

Thanks so much for reading, and we will see you next time.

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