Grilled Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe | Vegetable Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe

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Grilled Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe | Vegetable Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe- Mayonnaise Sandwich is one of the favorite lunch ideas for all the kids all around the universe. Onion and tomato sautéed in mayonnaise and butter melts in mouth so quickly….and only one thing comes out-Yummy Grilled Mayonnaise Sandwich. Vegetables and mayonnaise mixture spread over bread and grilled is the perfect combination for super tasty sandwich.

Mayonnaise and butter completes the healthy part of recipe for kids. This gives you an idea for a quick breakfast or snacks recipe perfect with tea/ coffee or juice. Tiffin packed with veggies and soft creamy mayonnaise sandwich isthe perfect combination.

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Steps to Cook Grilled Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe | Vegetable Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe

Peel off onion. Wash and finely chop onion and tomato and keep aside.

Grilled Mayonnaise Sandwich


As the kids are not very fond of bread brownies, remove the brown corners of bread slices.

Grilled Mayonnaise Sandwich


Mix chopped veggies with all the ingredients (except bread) in a bowl.

Grilled Mayonnaise Sandwich


Generously spread the ready stuffing mixture on a bread slice and cover it with the second slice.

Grilled Mayonnaise Sandwich


Cut the sandwich into two halves giving triangular or any other shape.

Grilled Mayonnaise Sandwich


Brush the both sides of sandwich with little oil and Grill from both sides. Serve it hot with a cup of tea or coffee. Otherwise you can pack it  in the tiffin for lunch or snack.

Grilled Mayonnaise Sandwich


What do we need to cook Grilled Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe | Vegetable Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe

All we need for this simple and yet delicious quick snacks recipe is Bread, Onion, Tomato, Mayonnaise, Butter, Ketchup, Salt and pinch of black Pepper powder. All the ingredients required here are usually available in our kitchen. So no need to wait for any thing,just go and try it now.

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