Vegetable Spring Roll Recipe | How to make Vegetable Spring Rolls

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Vegetable Spring Roll Recipe  is a mouth watering starter perfect for your party or evening snack. Deep fried all purpose/ wheat flour chapati filled with seasonal vegetables is a quick starter idea that kids will also love to have in their lunch pack. Here I have used wheat flour to avoid maida intake and move to the healthier side of recipe. Wheat flour can be easily replaced with all purpose flour. Also you can try paneer spring roll.

Steps to Cook Vegetable Spring Roll Recipe | How to make Vegetable Spring Rolls

Mix flour, salt, 1 spoon of oil and water to knead the dough. Keep the dough aside for 10 minutes.
For filling, shred ginger and cut onion, pepper,cabbage and carrot into slices.

Vegetable Spring Roll Recipe


Heat a spoon of oil in a pan and cook ginger til golden brown. Add onion slices and cook for a while. Now add all the vegetables and cook til they get soft and season the filling with salt, chilly flakes, coriander powder, garam masala and chaat masala.

Vegetable Spring Roll Recipe


Take small balls of dough and make thin chapatis of around 6-7 inch diameter. Put 1 big spoon of the filing on chapatti and seal the corners and roll. Rub little water at the end and seal it with fingers.

Vegetable Spring Roll Recipe


Similarly make all the rolls and sprinkle dry flour on them. For frying, heat oil  in a deep pan and at medium low flame fry ready rolls 2 0r 3 at a time. Fry from all the sides at low flame to cook them from inside too.

Vegetable Spring Roll Recipe


Now take off the rolls and cut into 2 or 3 pieces. Serve with spicy red chilly chutney and kachumber salad.

Vegetable Spring Roll Recipe

What do we need to make Vegetable Spring Roll Recipe | How to make Vegetable Spring Rolls

To make the yummy vegetable spring rolls we need Wheat flour/All purpose flour, Onion, Cabbage, Bel pepper, Carrot, Salt, Red chilly flakes, Coriander powder, Garam masala, Chaat masala, Water-for kneading the dough and Vegetable Oil-for frying



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